At Canine Mindset we focus on dog psychology first because we believe that knowing and properly understanding your dog first is essential to establishing the communication necessary to enable the training to begin. Whether your dog has shown sign of aggression or anxiety or you simply want to enjoy your daily walk, our trainers will help you understand your dog’s innate nature and teach you the tools to communicate your desires to your dog. During our private lessons, our trainers help you understand what your dog’s behavior is telling you well teaching you proven methods to help create a calm and healthy behavior within your dog. Our lessons are designed to help build a strong, healthy relationship with you dog that will lead to trust, respect, and understanding.  


We at Canine Mindset believe you should know and trust your trainer because just like the work we do with the dogs our relationship with you needs to be based on trust and respect. As such, we offer a FREE phone consultation. This will give you a chance to get to know our team and it will give us a chance to find out what your needs and goals are for our training lessons which will allow our trainers the chance to learn your goals, evaluate your dog’s home life, and lay out a training plan to move forward with your training journey.


Each ninety minute lesson with a Canine Mindset trainer is uniquely geared towards your goals and your dogs needs. Just like no two people are the same, neither are any two dogs, so why should our lessons? Our in-home private lesson is catered to your individual needs. We come to you and help with any behavioral issues you might be having. So whether you are looking to have your dog walk better on a leash or are dealing with social anxiety, Canine Mindset is here to help!


Very few behavioral issues can be solved in a single session, as such, we offer package prices at slightly reduced rates. If you know your dog is going to need a little bit of extra work, you can book four lessons in advance and save yourself a little bit of money in the process. Each lesson will be a progression on the last and you will be able to see your dog’s progress from lesson-to-lesson. Changing your relationship with your dog can take a good deal of time and patience and Canine Mindset is here to help every step of the way.


Every dog is different and every dog has a different path to reaching their potential. As such, Canine Mindset offers board and train services. Board and train allows for a home-life reset and for your dog to learn and grow in a heavily supervised and structured environment. Stays with Canine Mindset range from 2-8 weeks depending on the dogs needs and your end goals. At the end of each week of their stay with us, owners will receive a private lesson going over the progress of that week’s stay and practicing your dog’s new skills.